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The School Bus Tender Board is formed by the School Managers, School Principal & representatives from school staff. We select the most appropriate supplier to provide the school bus service through the form of open tender.

In addition to selecting the appropriate supplier, the School Bus Service Committee monitors the service of the supplier through regular meetings, parents' consultation questionnaires & meetings with the representatives of parents.

The main work areas of the School Bus Service Committee are as follows:

  • Determine the fare of school bus service according to the uniform price.
  • Monitor the safety of school buses. For example, the number of persons carried should be consistent with the regulations from the Transport Department. The maintenance of the vehicles, the safety equipment (such as safety belts) and the presence of a Bus Parent are also criteria that are being closely monitored.
  • Monitor the accident rate of the school bus supplier. The school acts as an intermediary for the whole school bus service. The committee members will try their best to do all the work and to provide the best quality service for parents & students.
After tender, the school bus supplier of our school is Fung Sing Bus Management Limited. Parents can call 2309 2682 for any enquires.