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Our School, being a whole day school, provides students with ample time to learn both the academic and non-academic subjects. Besides this, for the convenience of parents and students, the school also runs a canteen which provides lunch for students. During lunch hour, students are given the opportunity to interact with teachers and fellow students, to enable them to continue learning outside the classroom. For the convenience of the school, only 3 lunch arrangements are offered.


  1. Lunches brought from home:

    1. Parents who bring lunch to students from home, must ensure that the lunch is properly and hygienically packed and it must be delivered before 12:00 noon.
    2. For the safety of students, do not use any lunch boxes made of glass or easily-breakable containers or lunch boxes. No hot soup should ever be delivered.
    3. Make sure the name and the class of the student is clearly displayed on the lunch box.
    4. Do not leave lunch boxes in room temperature for more than 2 hours.


  2. Students bring their own lunch to school.

  3. Students order lunch from the canteen.

Compass Group HK Ltd.

  1. The canteen, run by Compass Group HK Ltd., offers an excellent breakfast and lunch service.
  2. The catering service is staffed with registered nutrition specialists and chefs who design the menu for students. Their staff also distributes the food to students.

The company promises the following items:

  1. "Experience Learning"
    There are three set meals different everyday and other options to suit teachers and students of different ages and tastes.


  2. Nutrition
    The catering service provider is staffed with registered nutrition specialists who monitor and analyse the menu, to ensure that students have a balanced diet and take in the necessary nutrition.


  3. Hygiene
    The provider guarantees that the hygiene manager and the executive-chef monitor food production and inspect food samples on a regular basis. All raw food items are issued with the certificate of origin, guaranteeing hygiene and safety.


  4. Environmental Protection
    The provider uses washable utensils that are sterilized at a high temperature, to support environmental protection.


  5. Other commitments
    If the EDB announces the suspension of classes before 8:00am, there is no need to pay for the lunch that day.
    If students are on casual leave or sick leave and parents can inform the company before 9:00am, the lunch fee for that day will be refunded the following month.

Need for parents cooperation:

Students can learn to adjust their living habits and attitude through interaction in community life.

They learn to be courteous to others, learn table manners and not be choosy about food.

Students have to choose their own menu. Thus they learn to be responsible and learn how to take care of themselves.

By taking lunch together, teachers and students can enjoy fellowship with one another. They also learn to encourage, accept and forgive one another.